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Think tomorrow in a harmony
with people and environment
with gratitude to the customers for their unwavering support
and trust in Myoung-Sung Semitron Co., Ltd.
Think tomorrow
in a harmony
with people
and environment
with gratitude to the customers
for their unwavering support
and trust in Myoung-Sung Semitron Co., Ltd.

Executive Summary

Myoungsung Semitron Co., Ltd.was founded in June 1983 as a partner company for Samsung Electronics and has grown with Korea’s flourishing electronics, electric, and semiconductor industry.

We have always strived for the better under the slogan “growth through Innovation,” ensuring speed and efficiency in the workplace innovation and transformation built on the horizontal work culture. All employees are valued for their creativity, independence, and flexible rationality.

We strictly adhere to environmental management standards, conduct employee training, and maintain quality management by fostering a sense of ownership to minimize the environmental impact of our production and work process.

We are committed to proper and transparent management that puts our clients, people, and environment at heart and promise to be a trusted partner who prioritizes elevating the clients and meeting their needs.

  • Company Name Myoungsung Semitron Co., Ltd.
  • Business Field JEDEC TRAY, COG(Chip on Glass) TRAY
  • Location 169-60, Manhae-ro, Dahnwon-gu,
    Ahnsan City, South Korea (moved in 1987)
  • Customer Samsung Electronics and other 15 companies (OSAT)
  • Size 3,755 square meters factory
    on the land of 3,739 square meters
  • Annual Sales US$ 9.4millions (2021)
  • Founded June 23, 1983 (Myoungsung Plastics Inc.)
  • Number of Employees 35 persons
  • Representative Director Y.H. Kang
  • Paid in Capital 0.65 millions US$

Management Philosophy

  • Customer First

    Our top priority is our clients, who are our foundations, and we exist for the benefit of our clients. We continuously work with our clients through unceasing innovations and research, and we strive to be a true partner that prioritizes putting client profit first.

  • Priority to Human

    People are our best assets. We create a work culture built on two-way trust and where employees can grow and feel a sense of achievement.

  • Co-Environment

    Good companies make a good society. We are committed to aiding the community and national development through our voluntary participation and spirit. We work to minimize our environmental impact and carbon emission to earn the trust and respect as a company that contributes to the environment and civilization.


2000 ~
  • 2021.06. Selected and supported as a bright global export company from Korea SMEs and Startups Agency (KOSME)
  • 2020.07. Started oversea sales (COG Tray, Taiwan)
  • 2020.02. Switched to a single management by the director, Y.H. Kang
  • 2015.03. Made an application for a patent from KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office)
  • 2012.09. Registered Y.H. Kang as one of the co-representatives
  • 2010.04. The largest shareholder changed (succession)
  • 2009.12. Selected one of the best 100 companies in Ahnsan City regional economy activation
  • 2008.10. Selected one of the best competitive quality companies from The Seoul Economic Daily News
  • 2004.10. Obtained Eco-partner Certification from SAMSUNG
  • 2003.12. Reduction of the paid-in capital (0.65 millions US$)
  • 2002.03. Won commendation for the honest taxpayer from the Mayor of Ahnsan City
1983 ~
  • 1997.05. Commended from the prime minister (attained 100PPM)
  • 1996.11. The name of Myoungsung Semitron was adopted and incorporated (paid-in capital 1.3 millions US$)
  • 1995.12. Won the award for best workplace from Gyunggi-do provincial governor
  • 1994.12. Commendation for great services to Samsung Electronics
  • 1988.03. Won SAMSUNG’s 50th anniversary the chairman’s commendation
  • 1987.11. The factory moved into Bahnweol Industrial Complex,
    Ahnsan City
  • 1984.04. Registered a member of vendors for Samsung Electronics
  • 1983.06. The company was founded (Myoungsung Plastics Inc.)



We are a certified Samsung Eco-Partner who meets Samsung Electronics’ Green Purchase Standards and contributes to the supply chain management (SCM). Eco-Partner certification signifies that Samsung Electronics has visited the partner company and certified through on-site evaluation that the facility has the management system and organization to ensure that no substance harmful to nature will be used during the manufacturing process.

We are also certified global system ISO9001:2015 and an environmental conservation ISO14001:2015. In addition, we have two pending patents for COG tray storage and transportation equipment for semiconductor devices, which are currently used in products to improve production yields for our clients.
  • ISO9001:2015

  • ISO14001:2015

  • Patent No.10-1549099

  • Patent No.10-1710578

  • SAMSUNG Eco-Partner

Products & Facilities


  • COG TRAY (Chip on Glass)

Trays for IC or chips are packaging used for transporting semiconductors between different stages of manufacturing or post-production.
They must be able to prevent electrical shock on chips printed with circuits caused by particles or humidity, and they must have high heat resistance, dimensional stability,
and low distortion because users bake trays with the chips inside to remove moisture before use. At the same time, electrostatic dissipation, or surface resistance, must stay stable within a defined range to prevent damages to the chips.

Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council (JEDEC), a member organization of the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA), is a standardization body that establishes standard dimensions of electronics such as IC packages, which effectively serves as the international standard. Our IC trays are designed and manufactured following the standard set by JEDEC, previously the JEDEC Solid State Technology Association, which became part of EIA in 1999.
Production Capacity (per month)
  • 850K
  • 900K



  • Address 169-60, Manhae-ro, Dahnwon-gu, Ahnsan City, South Korea
  • Telephone 82+31-494-6345
  • Fax 82+31-491-0821
  • Inquiry (82+31-362-0910, 82+31-362-0912)
  • R&D Center (82+31-362-0911)